Favorites from the Oscars

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It's the Oscars! It was a night of crazy embellishments and safe choices for all. For me, there weren't too many "wow" dresses, and I was kind of overall disappointed. Normally I can lock down three dresses that just killed it for me, but this year - not so much. However, there was hair/makeup combo that ...

Book Club: Three Bags Full

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New Book Club pick! Since last month's pick didn't really pan out, let's choose something that's in a totally different direction. This time we're going with "Three Bags Full" by Leonie Swann. It's about - wait for it - a herd of sheep looking to solve the murder of their shepherd. Yes. Here's the publisher's blurb: In this ...

Grapefruit Sorbet

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  It's possible this is the greatest thing I've ever created. Not to over sell it. Some background: I've recently given up dairy, but coming from an ice-cream loving background, it can be trying to say the least. It feels wrong and unnatural to finish dinner without a frozen treat. I've been on a hunt for taste ...

NYFW: Tibi 2015

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There's some great stuff coming out of NYFW, but one of my favorites hit it out of the park. I'm obsessed with Tibi and their minimalistic approach to design. For this collection they mixed clean lines with pastels and neutrals. I need to get my hands on that grey fur moto jacket. Like now. Check out ...

Edwardian Street Style

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I'm a sucker for street style, and these really just take the cake. Don't you just get lost in the images? It makes me want to take a stroll in Edwardian London. I wish we wore hats more.   image credit  

2015 Golden Globes

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I mean, come on. Slay.     She is selling the shit out of her weight loss program (BodyLab). I am about one more JLo red carpet appearance away from buying in. Have you seen her HBO documentary yet? Do yourself a favor and watch. It'll really help with those New Years resolutions. Although I've seen to gone a little ...

Vegan Blueberry Waffles

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Vegan blueberry waffles were totally not the outcome I expected when I started making breakfast the other day. But what's better than sleeping in on a Saturday morning and homemade waffles? I don't eat dairy and when I decided to make these waffles, I happened to be out of eggs. Sounds like a deal breaker, right? ...